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It took imagination and hard work to create our Park City Senior Center. In 1976 Union Pacific Railroad donated its abandoned Keetley Depot Station to the Park City Seniors. Located under what is today’s Jordanelle Reservoir, the building took two years and a lot of manual labor and money to move it to the current location at 1361 Woodside Avenue in Park City. Since then, two wings have been added, and the Center has become a warm and lively gathering spot for us Park City elders.



The “Silver Tsunami” has arrived! Over 16% of Park City and Summit County’s population is now age 60 or more; and that percentage is growing as Baby Boomers join our ranks. This is a nation-wide phenomenon.

The Park City Senior Center is also growing to meet the demands of this active, engaged group. Our membership has increased from about 70 seniors a few years ago to over 500 today and we continue to grow.

We are currently in the planning stages with Park City Municipal Corp. to build us a larger, better designed building next door to our current facility in order to accommodate all the programs and activities our membership enjoys. The center will be part of an affordable housing complex which will include some senior housing. Our planning also includes discussions with Summit County about their continuing (and, hopefully, expanding) role supporting our group.

Eventually we would like to be open for lunches five days a week instead of the current two, and open daily for a variety of activities.  We are making progress though.  Beginning March 2024, we have expanded our days of operation. We are now open 4 days each week, Monday through Thursday.  Until we can figure out additional lunches, it’s ‘bag lunch’ days on Tuesday and Wednesday

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Woodside II Working Committee Update

June 2024 Newsletter
by Francie McNally


Mayor Nann, Councilor Tana Toly, and Matt Dias, City Manager met with the Woodside II Committee on May 22, 2024 to inform us in person about changes within the City and an update on the Developer selection process.

The new housing representative from the City who replaced Jason Glidden, Browne Sebright, has resigned and left for another job in Salt Lake City. The job opening has been posted to the website and they will be reviewing resumes and setting up interviews. Mayor Worel and Tana Toly continue to voice their dedicated support and attention to the completion of our new Senior Center. 

Linda McReynolds and Francie McNally will continue be involved in the Developer selection process.

There are many things to be addressed, but the Woodside II committee will continue to be actively involved and laser-focused on all the issues of
bringing our new Center to fruition.

May the Force be With Us